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Champagne Serge Mathieu


Champagne! The range of wines


We go to great lengths to harvest grapes at optimum ripeness. In the winery we try to obtain as much personnality and flavour from these grapes, which involves a light hand in vinification and careful thinking. « As the years go by, we tend to intervene less and less as our experience grows » says Michel Jacob. This necessitates awareness and precision. Our techniques are traditional, but each stage in the winemaking process aims at preserving the full fruit flavours by gentle handling adapted to each situation. We use little sulphur, natural precipitation for tartaric acid, very light filtering and dosage. This « light » touch is just what is required to prevent any wine from deviating and becoming unstable. Wine is a fragile living matter. We also use extra-long cellar ageing for our wines, which is extremely rare for a small producer and which allows us to maintain minimal dosage levels, thus preserving the purety of the wines‘ aromas

« Goodness knows it can be complicated to do things simply»

Michel Jacob

Tank « La Côte »

Manual harvest in 50 kg, free-draining boxes


Grapes carefully pressed, plot by plot, in a pneumatic press


No cold sedimentation


Fermentation under temperature control


Complete malolactic fermetation


Ageing of still wines in stainless-steel and enamel tanks


Minimal filtration


Bottling and ageing on lees for between three and five years


Moderate to low dosage (between 8.6 gr and 10.4 gr /l)

Steel tank

Rose winemaking

The winery

Grape boxes

Michel in the vineyards

« Terroir » wines?

The word « terroir » is often abused. Everyone has their own interpretation of it, so we had better be explicit here! A « terroir » wine is one that expresses nuances that derive from its specific vineyard situation, including the local climate and the soil, thanks to grapes which bear their imprint and to a winemaker who knows how to handle them and blend the resulting wines.


« In Pinot Noir we trust »

It would appear that the Avirey vineyards show their best potential through the pinot noir variety. The wines have body, depth of flavours and well-integrated freshness. Over a 30 year period, Serge Mathieu has refined a style that places it amongst the best producers from the Aube region. This style obviously owes a lot to those who produce the wines, resulting in Champagnes which are crisp and clearly defined, showing great elegance in their natural flavours derived from the fruit.


Wines ready to drink

Ageing that surpasses that in practice with many of the great names in Champagne is one of the key factors in the quality of the finished wines. During their three to five years cellaring, Serge Mathieu Champagnes acquire natural polish and complexity that make them truly ready to drink. The optimum degree of maturity in the grapes, and this vital choice in extending the ageing process, mean that each cuvée requires minimal levels of dosage, allowing the fruit flavours to show to their best.


Nice bright colour

Rosé Champagne

Tasting in L’Observatoire, Paris

The firm produces a range of five different Champagnes.
The terroir, the grape varieties and the search for limpidity in the style of the wines give
them a family air on account of their evident maturity and their elegant crispness.
Yet each cuvée plays its part with its different nuances, appealing to different palates and occasions.

Tradition Brut is a Blanc de Noirs, which means that it is made entirely from black grapes, in this case 100% pinot noir. It shows all the fruit qualities of this grape, fine and full-bodied, crisp and with good length.

Dosage: 8.6 gr/l
Blended from
2008/2009 harvests
Tirage in 2010
Brut Prestige is a blend using 2/3 pinot noir and 1/3 chardonnay. After four years ageing, this has mouth-watering fruit flavours and is very delicate. One could say that it is the most feminine wine of the range.

Dosage: 8.6 gr/l
Blended from
2005/2007 harvets
Tirage in 2008
Brut Select, a special cuvée, is a blend of 80% chardonnay and 20 % pinot noir. Very light in its dosage, this is a Champagne of considerable structure and depth that remains very clear-cut.

Dosage: 8.6 gr/l
Mainly from
the 2006 harvest
Tirage in 2007
Brut Millésimé, bears a vintage, and thus comes from a single harvest. It has structure, power and length, and bears the mark of its pinot noir. It clearly shows all the work that has been carried out in the vineyards sonce only very ripe and small grapes can produce such density and structure in a Champagne.

Dosage: 6 gr/l
Vintage 2009
Tirage in 2008
Brut Rosé, is a traditional blend that uses some red wine from the estate. It is delicious for its clear-cut fruit flavours and lively crispness (90% pinot noir and 10 % chardonnay).

Dosage: 9.5 gr/l
Blend from
2007/2008 harvests
Tirage in 2009
Cuvée Extra Brut
Pure pinot noir

Dosage : 5 gr/l
Blend : 2008/2009
Bottled : 2010